How did the myth of Marco Polo and the pasta he would have brought home from China originate?

In the mid-19th century, Italian immigration introduced Americans to pasta.who become great producers, although they consider the Italians to be the undisputed champions in the field.

Chinese pasta comes to the United States later, in the 1870s. It is the first country in the world where the two pasta cultures, Italian and Chinese, meet, which is fundamental for the myth to be born. Around 1890, primacy returned to China.

The myth of Marco Polo and pasta, which would have been discovered in China by a certain spaghetti, originates 1929. He was published in macaroni newspaper, the body of American pasta producers.

We are in a context of trade war and it is a small attack against Italian producers, to show them that they are no more than those who originate from the pasta, explains Pierre Leclercq.

American popular culture discovered Marco Polo in 1840, after the great commercial treaty signed with China. Several discoveries were then attributed to Marco Polo, making him a superhero and responsible for all modernity. There is especially the introduction, from China to Italy, of the compass, gunpowder, the beginning of the printing press, even ice… Its image becomes a marketing product, also in the cinema, with The Adventures of Marco Polowith Gary Cooper, which shows explorers discovering pasta at an ancient Chinese…

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