How “Riyadh’s pasta” matrixed Manchester City’s footballers

It is well known that football players must follow a strict diet. Exceedings are of course prohibited in order to optimize their performance in the field. Fortunately, they are entitled to some essential and essential foods for a fully fulfilled life, such as pasta. During the last World Cup, we especially remember Antoine Griezmann’s sautéed pasta – here are the instructions to reproduce them at home.

Recently, it was Riyad Mahrez who shared his love for pasta and testified to its place in his daily diet. So much so that the Manchester City player’s favorite dish, “Riyadh’s pasta”, won over many of his teammates. In front of the club’s chef, everyone now only has one word in their mouths.

The recipe is simple: pasta, grilled chicken and “well done”cheese, caramelized onions, salt and pepper. “The bowl is in great demand today, and he was the first to ask us. The name stuck…”, entrusts the Mancunian chef, who specifies that each player can personalize his dish as much as he wants. However, the perfect harmony in Riyad Mahrez’s recipe seems to have taken over.

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