How to choose the best pasta sauce

This is the great stress of the Italians: which sauce to pair with which pasta? “A pasta without sauce is nothing, it’s like a blank canvas, it doesn’t add much”, summarizes Fabrizio Cosso in connection with our Pasta Cosi range. To choose the accompaniments that will sublimate your long pasta, you will be spoiled for choice: whether fresh or dry, they can go well with all sauces (tomato, pesto, carbonara, etc.). But don’t dare to do anything anywhere!

If the preparation of pasta is not scientific, the choice of sauce, on the other hand, corresponds to well-established regional rules, according to the head chef of Eataly Paris Marais. “Depending on the regions where you are, we will have linguine al pesto [Gênes]spaghetti alle vongole [Naples]tagliatelle alla bolognese [Bologne]il rigatone or il spaghetti alla carbonara [Rome]… There are certain areas where you cannot serve a pennette with mussels or clams, it is almost a ban! “, he jokes.

“How much sauce will the dough be able to contain? »

In reality, with the new generations, the rules and habits become more flexible, but there is one basic rule that must always be remembered before preparing “pasta”: “How much sauce will the dough be able to contain? ? You can, for example, serve a rigatone with a stew, because the sauce goes well into the dough…,” notes the chef.

With fresh filled pasta, the choice of sauce will depend on the taste of the filling. “For a slightly elaborate filling with scallops and a bit of lime or prawns, you have to be careful not to choose a sauce that covers everything”, emphasizes the chef. For the great Italian classic spinach and ricotta ravioli, “it’s always butter and sage or tomato sauce”. On good terms.

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