“I’m going to die, help”: Clémentine Sarlat sexy in a bikini, she takes on a completely frosty challenge

Despite the ordeal she has recently experienced, life goes on for Clémentine Sarlat. The French sports journalist – specializing in rugby, athletics and tennis – flew to the United States, more precisely to Minneapolis. And on November 24, 2022, she took on a completely crazy challenge.

It was on November 7 that the beautiful 34-year-old blonde announced the sad news, in her podcast The Matrescence. Clément Marienval and she are no longer a couple after eight years of love, during which their daughters, Ella (4 years old), Jasmine (almost 2 years old) and June (born in February 2022) were born. “For the past few weeks I have been a single mother of three children. It is not my choice and it is still very difficult. I am slowly starting to learn to live with my new ‘normal’ and my children’s. The brain hates it when it is out of control and all its plans are blown up. It’s also complex when nothing makes sense and there are three children to protect. Separation is like grief. So there are stages, ups and downs (no more downs for now, let’s not lie to each other). I don’t know what to say other than it’s hard“, she confided.

Discreetly after this announcement, Clément Marienval broke the silence through his lawyer. “Questions in an article entitled Clémentine Sarlat left by her husband Clément Marienval: she becomes a single mother of 3 children, I would like to give some details about the facts related there. Clémentine Sarlat and I are going through a difficult period that many couples can go through. Besides, I love my children and will never leave them. Now this is my privacy and I will not hesitate to take the necessary measures to preserve it in the event of an illegal attack on it.“, was written on the right in response that reached us.

A successful crazy bet for Clémentine Sarlat

Since then, each has continued his life on his side. And recently Clémentine Sarlat traveled to Minneapolis. She lives with her brother, who she confided in during a question and answer session. “Fortunately, FaceTime exists. But I know they are doing very well with their father. It’s hard to be away from them, but it was important to take care of me for once“, she then replied to a user who asked her how she felt away from her daughters.

Clémentine Sarlat then revealed that she would enjoy a good Thanksgiving meal. After which she announced that she was going to swim in frozen water. “There you go, I’m going to die. Help“, we could read after her relatives and they had to break the class as the lake was frozen. Then she shared where she appears in a pink bikini with a more than happy face.”The water is at 1 degree. It was nonsense. too proud of me“, we can read in the caption.

On her news feed, she also shared a video of her challenge. “I gave my life 3 times, twice at home, but this experience of bathing in water at 1 degree will remain one of the craziest adventures I’ve had. And honestly, getting out of your comfort zone is an incredible feeling. Okay, I’m so proud of myself“, she commented.

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