In his restaurant, Kilian Aussel makes incredible pizzas

He is only 23 years old and yet Kilian Aussel is already an established and confirmed entrepreneur, owner and manager of the wood-fired pizzeria on avenue Conturie, Italia pizza. This Gardois arrived in Langogne in 2017 to obtain a BTS in auto mechanics, at the Saint-Pierre – Saint-Paul high school fell into pizza dough while wanting to earn pocket money, hired as an extra then by the ‘former boss. Jacques Brugière and his partner Olivier Prévost, who have since left for their dream project, a traveling pizza truck…

Wood-fired pizzas

In 2020, Jacques Brugière and Olivier Prévost had already given the pizzeria on Avenue Conturie a facelift, renovating it and adding a dining room and an extensive selection of kebabs, panini and tacos.

When the BTS was in his pocket and made aware of his boss’s intention to sell his company to go on the roads in France, Kilian Aussel met the bankers and support services for the installation and recovery of the company and was able to establish the takeover project in March 2022 benefiting from help from the region, especially from Airdie.

At the head of his small business he hired Nadège Dulot and can offer his customers pizzas, kebabs, tacos and paninis made with local meat and cheese production, even making a wood fire pizza that you can’t find anywhere else, the lucois , strongly composed of cheeses from the Luc cheese dairy…

It has to light its fire at least three hours in advance to get an oven at the right temperature and opens 7 days a week during the summer season, reducing the footprint in winter by opening Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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