In Israel, Pizza Hut is accused of appropriating a Palestinian dessert

The American fast food company has launched a knafeh pizza that has Palestinian internet users jumping.

Italians and Palestinians will find common ground here. The American company Pizza Hut, which our transalpine neighbors do not have in their hearts, has a new enemy. At the end of November, the fast food brand, which has been established in Israel for almost 10 years, unveiled a new pizza for its Hebrew customers: “A particularly sweet love story“, composed by knafeh, she communicated on her Instagram account.

Pizza Hut is used to atypical combinations. But this provoked indignant reactions from the Palestinian population, who accused the company of “cultural grant“. Made from kadaif (angel hair), cheese, butter and pistachios or walnuts drizzled with syrup, this pastry is now very popular in the Arab world. But Palestine, and especially the city of Nablus, claims its paternity.

An “insult to Arabic pastry”

Unveiling this new recipe, the American brand certainly didn’t expect to cause a stir. “Recognizing the untapped potential of this irresistible Middle Eastern dish, Pizza Hut has decided to create its own version of it“, she proudly announced at the end of November. Since then, internet users have sparked a “abomination“, not only taste, but also and especially cultural.

On his Instagram account, French-Palestinian chef Fadi Kattan, based in Bethlehem and London, mentions, “bad taste and cultural appropriation» which according to him Pizza Hut demonstrates, which here takes over «a wonderful and sumptuous dessert to steal…The chef particularly regrets that the cheese used for the pizza comes from Safed, an Israeli city emptied of its Arab inhabitants in 1948, and not from Nablus, where this product is traditionally made.

Even the Israeli daily Ha’aretz which had nevertheless hit the headlines a few years ago, call the shawarma “iconic Israeli street food»was offended by what he described as “insult to Arabic pastry“.

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