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Mocktails that will make people jealous

Gone are the days when it was impossible to taste such tall mocktails as alcoholic cocktails. But it is not easy to improvise as a mixologist. To simplify the task, the new brand of alcohol-free ready-to-drink Encanette, established in Mauricie, offers a truly successful product. A master distiller, an oenologist and a roaster (because the range also includes nitrogen cold-brewed coffee, which we loved) have come together to create delicious sparkling mocktails. Both adults and children can enjoy it, with flavors such as Sangria Rosée, Tom Collins, Gin Tonic and Watermelon Mojito.

Vegan and gluten-free

Price: $13 for a pack of 4 cans, available online and at retail locations

Unique vinegars inspired by the terroir


Craft vinegars inspired by the terroir are in the spotlight at La Villa Vinaigres et Jardins

Former representative in the wine industry, Jean-François Pelchat gave himself the mission, by launching his company La Villa vinegars & gardens, to create exceptional artisanal vinegars whose flavors express all the richness of the Quebec terroir. To do this, he uses the fruits from his gardens and orchards and also ingredients from wild harvest, in a spirit of self-sufficiency, with a holistic vision for agriculture that promotes biodiversity. These premium aromatics are used to create truly amazing vinegars, handcrafted in small batches that take around three years to make. examples? Rose vinegar, dune pepper and elderberry or even carrot, ginger and turmeric or our favourite, the balsamic of Nordic berries. No wonder so many chefs use them!

Unpasteurized and without preservatives

Price: from $10.50 for 250ml, available online and at points of sale

Back to basics


Marquis wheat pavé from Première Moisson

A very crispy crust, a dense and gingerbread-like crumb, an irregular shape shaped by hand… The new Marquis wheat pavé, launched by Première Moisson this year to celebrate its 30th anniversary, has everything to please those looking for a artisanal bread, rustic, tasty. To achieve this, the company uses Marquis wheat, an ancient wheat said to have created Canada’s grain reputation, made from two ancient kernels, Red Fife (renowned for its baking qualities) and Hard Red Calcutta (faster). It is ethically grown in Sainte-Eulalie, in the Centre-du-Québec region, and then ground under the care of Moulin Charlevoix on a stone mill stone. Cut it into big thick slices to make incredible sandwiches, or simply serve it with butter and cheese to your guests during the holidays, it’s a hit every time!

Available for a limited time in three sizes

Price: $4.35 (quarter), $8.45 (half) or $15.95 (whole loaf), available in stores and online

The essentials for gluten-free cakes


The product range from Lulubelle & Co

Although the number of certified gluten-free products is constantly increasing, it is still preferable to make them yourself. The Quebec company Lulubelle & Co is there to give us a boost with its varied preparations. It offers various cake, waffle, pancake, muffin, pizza and bread mixes. A few are organic. Flour, food coloring and edible decorations are also sold. The pizza dough and the pancakes we made at home tasted fantastic, but the cakes in particular stood out. Both the chocolate and vanilla were moist, flavorful and not too sweet. Note that Lulubelle & Co is a proudly feminine company.

Gluten free, vegan, nut free, no artificial flavors

Price: most mixes retail for $8.49

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