In the heart of Anglet, Angelu Pizza is wildly successful

The most expensive pizza costs 12.50 euros.

CH. B.

“We took the opportunity to invest, carry out work, remove the small room and buy a larger electric oven directly in Italy”, explains Kevin. Above all, the team has grown from two to five people, and the new oven can cook six pizzas at a time compared to five previously! The gear change is radical.

380 pizzas in one evening

Coming out of the pandemic, the activity resumes “allegro ma non troppo” until this summer and the record for pizzas broken in one evening. So how much? “380 in one night,” Kevin replies. In principle we do between 250 and 300, but there, that night, it was huge! »

The success is now there, after six years of activity, and the managers have adapted: only open in the evening, “at noon there are not many people here”, affordable price (the most expensive pizza is at 12.50 euros) and no delivery: from In the beginning, you must pick up your pizza at Place Lamothe. To enjoy it on the restaurant’s terrace or at home.

Here, in the heart of a city that has no center, Angelu pizza plays the local card. “We have 90% local customers, says Kevin, and above all we prefer to give the pizza personally. We tried to get them delivered, but they came in bulk and that is not possible. »

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