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Jean Sulpice, starring the Savoyard chef, took over in 2016 a cult address on Lake Annecy, the Auberge du Père Bise, to which he was able to restore all its letters of nobility with two Michelin stars. Nature lover, skilled athlete, Jean Sulpice is not a man to circumcise himself. The challenges, he takes them up with panache.

The idea of ​​a book dedicated to cakes allows him to apply his wishes, his ideas, his creativity to a cake that we are all used to making at home. “The cake is an essential cookie in the kitchen, which we enclose in a fairly traditional way in a round or rectangular shape. I wanted to show you, through my eyes as a chef and my teams, that we can start from a very simple recipe and completely reinterpreting it by playing on shapes, textures, molds, ingredients, cooking methods”, explains Jean Sulpice in the foreword.

The cover of the book “Cake: the amazing cakes of Jean Sulpice”. [Flammarion]Steamed courgette and hazelnut cake or cannelloni cake

Fifty savory and sweet cake recipes await you over the pages, taking the traditional cake off the culinary track. By using a waffle iron, a quenelle mold, the microwave, a bagel mold, by toasting them, by cutting them into cubes, into triangles, by filling the cakes with vanilla cream, by surrounding them with a saffron sabayon, it is thus clear, that Jean Sulpice keeps his promise to take us into his world of haute gastronomy.

Steamed larch and hazelnut cake, truffle cake, artichoke, cannelloni cake with bacon, sorrel and vanilla sponge cake or even madeleine cake, everything is tempting. But don’t panic, the chef holds us by the hand and the tip of the spatula. Each recipe can be summed up in an aperitif cake version as gourmet as its more elaborate version.

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