In the video, Courteney Cox’s tutorial, which explains how “real New Yorkers” eat pizza

The star of Friends struck again via one of her short humorous clips, revealed on Instagram on Wednesday, December 7: she reveals the habits and customs of New York in the form of… tasting pizza.

IN Friends (1994), the “referent” for pizza and food in general, is Joey Tribbiani. Regardless of the time of day, the latter is always inclined to taste the New York specialty. But here it is her friend, Monica Geller’s interpreter, who gives us a tasting guide. Courteney Cox introduces her Instagram video, which was posted on Wednesday, December 7, as follows: “A lot of people who are not from New York come and are eager to taste New York pizza, but they don’t know how must eat it.”

pizza tutorial

The 58-year-old actress chose a quiet pizzeria in the Big Apple as the setting, frequented by a few customers. Including a table with two women, whom she takes as accomplices and extras in her clip. As she begins to explain step one, she grabs a paper napkin: “First we pat the surface to remove all the oil. Then authentic New Yorkers like to cut off the end and eat bite by bite,” she explained, using a fork and knife.

fake news : in reality, New Yorkers are reluctant to bring cutlery, especially since the pizza is rather eaten in a single slice and on a box that is generally smaller than the slice itself. Connoisseurs place a finger in the center of the crust and bend it into a U shape to prevent the tip from sinking under the weight of gravity.

Change the cheese

The actress of Scream (1996) continued his tutorial with a comparison. “If you’re from Sicily, you roll it up”: what her table neighbors confirm. Then comes the demonstration of the most surprising practice: “Sometimes when people are dying to get a double portion of cheese, they scrape all the cheese off one part of the pizza and give the rest to another.” What she set out to do.

“Furthermore, only those who frequent pizzerias a lot know that it can be sold directly like this. It’s not on the menu, but it’s a specialty,” she said, scooping all the cheese into a small, slim slice. “And when you’re a real New Yorker, you eat the slice in three bites,” she concluded, struggling to devour it according to her own advice.

And of course, during the video, many fans were quick to mention the character Friends played by Matt LeBlanc, including one netizen who commented, “You should have called Joey for that number you just gave.” While it would have been fun, the pizza fan certainly wouldn’t have been satisfied with a slice without cheese…

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