Inflation: even the former vice world champion in pizza closes his restaurant in Erquinghem-Lys

He had won the title of vice world champion in 2017! He provided the passing showbiz in the city of the Internet! He had achieved a good reputation… On Friday evening, Julien Belart delivered his last service. The Bel’Art pizzeria has lowered the curtain. Blame it on inflation.

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Julien Belart, 37, has an atypical career path. As a child he dreamed of becoming a chef. His father discouraged him in light of the limitations of the profession. He then pursued technical studies. He has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and materials in his pocket. He did small jobs before he found himself behind a butcher’s stall in the supermarket. He will spend 12 years there.

He then decides to start training as a pizza maker. His coach at the time, Grégory Brotcorne, taught him the know-how of Italian pizza. The two men share the same values, about a better way of life and a healthier way of eating. Amazed by Julien’s development, his coach offers him to participate French Ethical Pizza Championship in 2015. He will be number ten. In March 2016, the new pizza maker opened its establishment on rue du Maréchal de Rantzau. Julien Belart aims to stand out, he wants to use spelled flour with recognized digestive properties.

Stars have tasted his pizzas

These pizzas, less greasy, garnished with Italian charcuterie, are very quickly adopted by aficionados. In 2017, after gaining some experience, he joined the the world championship in ethical pizza and take second place! A nice little revenge for the frustrated chef of his youth. The growing fame attracts the animators from Mona FM. Very quickly the current passes so well that they call on his services when a star in the song passes through the city of the net. Jenifer, Chantal Goya, Chimène Badi, M. Pokora and Emmanuel Moire have tasted Julien’s pizzas…

Six months to find gainful employment

But here’s the thing, this great adventure has met Covid and then, more recently, inflation and rising energy costs. Julien Belart, who found love in 2020, with Stacie and settled in Avion, regrets a difficult financial situation. He therefore gave up pursuing his adventure and gave himself six months to find gainful employment. This father-to-be wants to prioritize his family life, but Erquinghemmois will see him again as he will visit his family and continue to look good on the veteran football team of the city of Ercan.

As for the pizzeria, it has been taken over by a current pizza maker from Hallennes-lez-Haubourdin. It should reopen in early January 2023. It will be called Pizza Saveurs. According to Julien Belart, the future owner will assume a quality identical to the one he has implemented in more than seven years of activity.

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