Involved in a harassment case

The allegations are serious, precise and detailed and leave little room for doubt…

Above all, they reveal how much the atmosphere behind the scenes of The original band, the emission of Nagui at France Inter, should be damaging. The Belgian comedian, who was a columnist in the program for one season, revealed on his Instagram account that her sudden departure from Nagui’s daily was motivated by “harassment from a very close collaborator of the host … At the end of the recording of a program in March 2022, this person literally shouted at me, so violently that it triggered a panic attack in me, which required the intervention of the firefighters of Radio France… At no time was I given the opportunity to defend myself”, explains Florence Mendez.

“Degrading things were said to me in front of other people, none of whom responded,” she adds, still traumatized. Another day, the person she points to says, “I didn’t stop teaching to find myself with people like you. “. The young woman then mentions that she is not an isolated case. “Another columnist was the victim of similar attacks from the same collaborator.

Other people who no longer work with her have also told me that they have suffered the same things,” she says. These few months of collaboration have been experienced as a test. “I became the black sheep of the gang. I felt very bad and lost all confidence in myself and my abilities.

Did Nagui witness some of the scenes recounted by his former columnist? Was he aware of the malaise that existed in his show? For her part, Leïla Kaddour, co-host on The original band and former French teacher has every reason to feel concerned about these dire accusations. Like Nagui, she did not want to respond to the controversy, leaving her relatives to denounce “an attempt at manipulation” and “slanderous and defamatory remarks”.

At France Inter, the program director causes “a huge misunderstanding”. “This is a dispute between Florence and the team from The original band as there may be in many teams. People regularly get angry about a way of doing things, a behavior…”. A way to acknowledge it Original soundtrack wouldn’t really look like a bunch of friends…


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