iPad, the big sick person in the Apple range

October could have been iPad month. Apple had all the ingredients to make one special event : The basic model reviewed from top to bottom, an update of the iPad Pro series and a brand new version of iPadOS that should solve the tablet’s structural problems thanks to Stage Manager.

But lo and behold, Apple management decided that the ads weren’t sexy enough to be the subject of one keynote. Can we blame them? All iPad and iPad Pro references are in stock, while it’s always hard to get an iPhone 14 Pro (and it’s not getting any better) and we had to wait several weeks for the Apple Watch Ultra to be almost commercially available.

iPad: a controversial summer!

Truth be told, iPad news has been pretty chaotic over the past few months. The development of iPadOS 16 has been fraught with controversy all summer. First there was this decision to reserve Stage Manager for iPads equipped with an M1 system-on-chip before making up its mind.

This big news in iPadOS has been the subject of many criticisms. Its hectic development is reminiscent of Safari 15 last year. Keen not to alienate its most vocal community, which is admittedly quite conservative, Apple has tried to develop a one-size-fits-all solution. This is rarely the right approach. We bet the Cupertino engineers have ideas and will continue to improve the window management over the versions of the system.


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