Italian tourist loves pizza in Algeria (video)

Immigration – Algeria Visa and Travel – Unusually, that sSwiss look, you should know that an Italian tourist really fell in love with a pizza he could taste in Algeria.

Directly from Italy, this foreign tourist was pleasantly surprised by a pizza prepared in the Italian way in Algeria. The Italian was enthusiastic about cooking over wood, decorating with respect for the traditional recipe and a fine crust. “ I’m in Algeria and here there are pizzas like in Naples! watch this show “, he also rejoiced at his feedback, which was passed on by the Algerian restaurant Pizza Nostra, located in Algiers. ” Come here (Ed. note: at Pizza Nostra in Bouchaoui, in the suburbs of Algiers) have a pizza at our friend Pizza Nostra, it’s the best pizza in Algiers very very similar to Neapolitan added the tourist. Something that was considered an initiation by the manager of the pizzeria. ” Even our Italian friends validate our pizzas “, the latter rejoiced.

It should be noted that Algerians have a sacred know-how in the kitchen. In addition, Algerian pizza maker Mourad Beghoura came third in the “World Pizza Competition” category, organized on October 3 and 4, 2017 in Rome, where almost 150 competitors representing 15 countries participated in the 2017 edition. of the competition, which has been held regularly for twenty years. The first two places went to two Italian competitors.

In the competition in the “Pizza fritta” category, a Neapolitan specialty, Mourad Beghoura presented his preparation with the ingredients of a recipe from the Tlemcen region. Beghoura, a 34-year-old Algerian, has worked as a pizza chef in several countries, including France and Italy. He has participated in several pizza competitions in southern Europe in particular.

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