“It’s a tough job psychologically,” says Benoît, security monitor

Originally from a family of hunters from Aire-sur-l’Adour, Benoît never dreamed of carrying a firearm on a daily basis. Even if he now enjoys regular shooting training at Stade Montois. What interests him in the correctional system is, above all, “to surpass himself while maintaining himself to remain competent”.

Aturin arrived in Pémégnan in 2014 after passing the prison guard competition in 2012. But his story with the prison administration began in 1997 when, at the age of 1997, he came to the Fleury-Mérogis detention center, one of the largest in Europe. 23. “It shaped me as a man. Prison is giving of itself. But I was good at Fleury, I had the rugby team there,” recalls the one who is now an officer.

The values ​​of rugby

The oval ball is also important in his career. Because what he likes in his job is transmission, like in rugby. “Pedagogy is both one of my main characteristics and my priority”, he analysed. The instructor adds: “When a guy in training tells you he had a good day, you’ve won everything. »

“I was full, I wanted to leave the prison”

But Aturin almost left the prison world in 2018 after being assaulted. “I was fed up, I wanted to leave the prison. But it was also at that time, when he returned for six months to the National School of Penitentiary Administration in Agen to take stock of his skills, that he discovered the surveillance that united him with the prison.

Don’t fall into the routine

If Benoît had to give any advice, it would be to never fall into a routine. “When you open a cell, you never know what can happen. You have to ask yourself every day. This is why the instructor describes training and revision as essential in addition to humility.

Although he says he is fulfilled in his work, Benoît admits that if he had to do it over again, he might not be in Pémégnan today. “Especially knowing what I endured involving my children’s two-year estrangement,” the officer said. He adds: “It’s a tough job purely psychologically, you shouldn’t feel sorry for yourself”.

“When you open a cell, you never know what can happen”

The arrival of an ELSP squadron in April 2022 in Pémégnan looks like the most significant event in the manager’s career. “This is just the beginning of a project, the goal is to make it grow and build it together. He also emphasizes the advantage of having been able to participate in the recruitment and sometimes in the training of members of his team. Benoît considers himself “rich to be here in Pémégnan, worse elsewhere”.

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