“It’s not my style physically”: Benoît Dubois in a relationship with a “practitioner”

Since 2018, Benoît Dubois works occasionally as a columnist in the programs Do not touch My TV and TPMP people. Quite discreet outside of these occasions, however, the former reality TV star is very active on her social networks. In an interview with the magazine Audience this Friday, December 23, 2022, the one who made himself known by winning the 4th season of Secret history (in 2010) returned to her reality TV experience and acting profession. But the young man also talked about his love affair with the man, whose identity he hid.

If Benoît Dubois is so discreet about his loves, it is above all to respect the wishes of his lovers. “The men I date just don’t want to be exposed. When I say ‘he’s my guy’ there are twelve guys adding him to send him hot pics… all to fuck it!“, he explained. So that this kind of delicate situation does not happen again, the person addicted to surgery has therefore decided not to discuss his private life in the media. Nevertheless, for our colleagues from Audiencehe still announced that he was in a relationship…

He showed me his payslips!

In addition to being in love, Benoît Dubois truly feels that he has found the one he wants to spend his life with. “That’s it, I found someone for a month and a half. He is a general practitioner and this time I feel he is the right one. He showed me his payslips! Nah, I’m kidding. I don’t know, it’s not my style physically. But he flirted with me in a club, he told me I was very pretty… He didn’t know me and that’s cool“, he explained, happier than ever.

To respond to the incessant rumours, the would-be father would also put the finishing touches on his past relationships. “I am faithful, and so I don’t trust easily, because I don’t want to be used to say ‘I’ve slept with’. So I interviewed them, I ascertained their intentions. I don’t sleep the first night!“, he assured and concluded. We wish him happiness and a family!

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