Jean-Pierre Elkabbach talks about the PPDA affair, a big moment of discomfort on set

Jean-Pierre Elkabbach spoke about MeToo and about the PPDA affair when he went through the “Daily” to promote his book “The shores of memory”. (TMC screenshot)

This Tuesday, December 13, Yann Barthès and the columnists of “Quotidien” received Penélope Cruz, on the occasion of the upcoming release of the film “L’Immensità”, the Belgian phenomenon of humor Guillermo Guiz for his show “Next !” and Jean-Pierre Elkabbach on the occasion of the publication of his book “Les Rives de la mémoire” (Bouquins editions). Asked about his relationship with feminism, the journalist specifically addressed the #MeToo movement and the PPDA affair. Big moment of discomfort on set.

A slip? This Tuesday night, on TMC, “Daily” welcomed a unique guest: Penélope Cruz. While in France, the actress is appearing in the new feature film co-written and directed by Emanuele Crialese, “L’Immensita,” alongside Vincenzo Amato, Luana Giuliani, Patrizio Francioni, Maria Chiara Goretti and Penelope Nieto Conti. But before the arrival of the Spanish superstar, Yann Barthès and the series’ columnists were able to chat with the evening’s red thread guest: Jean-Pierre Elkabbach. In more than 50 years of profession, from Antenne 2 to Europe 1, past CNEWS, where he still worked until very recently, the journalist, considered to be one of the greats of political journalism in France, has known and covered all the major French political events : from the election of François Mitterrand in 1981 to the election of Emmanuel Macron, considered the outsider, in 2017. Jean-Pierre Elkabbach publishes this year his new book, “Les Rives de la mémoire” (Editions Bouquins), which covers 50 years of his life, from his childhood in Oran to all his meetings with the world’s great personalities. The one who shaped radio and television history was therefore over this evening on the TMC set to look back on the major events that marked his life.

VIDEO – Experience Yann Barthès’ minute

“It’s starting to sink in…”

On the occasion of the journalist’s visit, the writer and columnist Maïa Mazaurette wanted to return to Jean-Pierre Elkabbach’s career through his relationship with women’s rights: “I don’t want to make you look like an old crouton, but I still think I can say, that when you started as a journalist, the Quatennens affair would not have existed because beating his wife was not a problem in reality, Maïa Mazaurette told the journalist. Later in the interview, while the columnist also returned to the fall of the PPDA (as Jean- Pierre Elkabbach himself installed at Antenne 2 at the head of JT in 1976) and the rise of the #MeToo movement, Yann Barthès questions Jean-Pierre Elkabbach: “How could you have been a feminist in a world that was absolutely not? “. The journalist then replied: “It has been marked since my childhood. And then it also gives me the opportunity to say that the past sheds light on the present. (…) But you talked about PPDA. I’m not going to push it. further in the tragic fate he created for himself, but when I named him, (…) he was not the next PPDA. It was when he settled for twenty years at TF1 that little by little it became what we saw. Then Maïa Mazaurette interrupts her: “You think it’s power?” Jean-Pierre Elkabbach then continues: “It’s the power, it’s the atmosphere, first of all his temperament, the search for quickly negotiated and settled conquests and, on the other hand, also the behavior of certain young women, as far as the singers who come. looked for them …but he probably exaggerated it, and greatly exaggerated it.”

Momentarily suspended on stage. A confused look by Yann Barthès. Maïa Mazaurette launches: “Do you understand that we might be a little shocked by what you just said?”

The same atmosphere on the side of Internet users, stunned by the comment of the famous journalist.

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