Jennifer Lauret and Cosmetic Surgery: Everything She’s Done and She Believes 100%!

Jennifer Lauret turns 43 on January 1, 2023, a birthday she is sure to celebrate surrounded by her four darling daughters, Carla, 23, Shaana, 15, Anna, 12, and Nell, 10. A grand quartet she had posed with this summer, brilliant. The actress has retained the same charisma that we discovered in the series Julie Lescaut and A wonderful familylooked in Camping Paradise and currently in tomorrow belongs to us. A fulfilled and sincere woman, she is thus one of the rare actresses who assume to have had cosmetic surgery.

Two years ago in Paris hereJennifer Lauret said: “The older I get, the more I think life is beautiful. I’ve always felt good in my sneakers, and there’s no reason to change that (…) A woman with wrinkles is beautiful. But if in three years I have bags under my eyes and I want a facelift, I’ll do it. Same for injections of Botox or hyaluronic acid. It will not be looking younger, nor having a wax sheet instead of the face. Just to have a good time.”

During this interview, she had also touched on an even more intimate subject, having her breast redone when she was 20 years old: “I also had my breast redone twenty years ago, which was not that common at the time. I had many complexes and I had to go through it. Today I take care of myself by doing sports, eating a balanced diet and enjoying my life!

Feel beautiful, feel good

In order to feel good, Jennifer Lauret has to get ready, whether at work or in her personal life and for her husband Patrick, father of her last three daughters and Bordeaux promoter. According to her, the secret of their relationship is to keep the desire to seduce, which she confided in Gala :”I pay attention to him, I put on perfume at night before I go to bed, I do my hair and make-up, even on Sundays. It’s small daily attentions, details that allow a couple to last.”

And if she has used surgery, she strictly maintains her body by playing sports regularly, as evidenced in her latest video.

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