Jessica Thivenin accused of being “not very clean”: her hygiene is called into question, she justifies herself

Jessica Thivenin is still in France enjoying her family. But between two outings or evenings, she does not hesitate to answer a few questions from her subscribers. And some allow themselves to make remarks to him. On January 2, 2023, for example, she faced criticism about her lifestyle.

Jessica Thivenin likes to share her daily life with her subscribers on her social networks. Thus, the latter could follow her adventure with her husband Thibault Garcia and their children Maylone and Leewane (3 years and 1 year) on skis. The happy tribe have since returned to the south of France and are enjoying family before returning to Dubai. When the day of January 2 is over, the lovers dropped off their children at the grandparents to enjoy an evening for two. They went to the cinema to see Avatar 2. And one detail fascinated a surfer.

Sorry, but I’m shocked. You went out in your sweater this morning, you went to bed in it this afternoon and then you put it back on to go out tonight. It is not very clean“, we wrote to her. A comment that she shared with her entire community on Snapchat while organizing a question and answer session. And she didn’t fail to answer!”It takes very little to be shocked. This is my outfit for the day. Yes I got dressed this morning, then when I went to bed I got undressed. I slept in a t-shirt and panties, but didn’t show it on Snap. Otherwise I would have been too hot. Then I got dressed again to go to the cinema. But I am washed, I am clean“, replied Jessica Thivenin.

A candidate who does not have his tongue in his pocket

Unfortunately, it is not the first time that the emblematic candidate from Marseilles (W9) reasons after disparaging comments. Last December 30, while driving with her husband and children, someone noticed that their car was heavily loaded (they were coming back from skiing). She then accused the mother of endangering her son because a stroller was especially next to him. “Actually, in the car I just have a pram between the two seats. Otherwise, I have the trunks that are blocked by the headrests. So these kinds of comments… How do I travel, do I put the suitcases on the roof? At some point we are loaded, we are loaded. It is the biggest car you can find“, the 33-year-old young woman had therefore answered.

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