Kelly Vedovelli With “Big Thighs Full Of Fat”: Fiercely Criticized, TPMP Columnist Dryly Responds!

Kelly Vedovelli has offered herself a fantastic ride after these last few months spent on the set of Do not touch My TV (C8). The 32-year-old young woman has indeed left Paris to fly to Dubai in the company of a friend. And as usual, she did not fail to share her new adventures on her Instagram account. And it’s not for everyone. But never mind, the beautiful blonde won’t let it go!

After doing the show in the clip bella of Master Gims, Kelly Vedovelli was recruited by Cyril Hanouna in 2017 to be a DJette. And during the broadcasts, she has made a name for herself as a columnist. His good humor and candor quickly caught the public’s attention. If it appeals to some, others do not carry it in their hearts. And they don’t hesitate to let it be known by criticizing it on social networks. Although she is unfortunately used to it today, the young woman sometimes cannot help but answer.

Two fatties in Dubai

Like on December 28, 2022, when she was attacked by two people on her body while sharing her daily life. “Oh those fat thighs full of fat, beer“, we can read the response to a photo where we can discover a plan of one of her thighs and her arms while she is in the middle of a manicure session. And below, Kelly Vedovelli shared a photo of the man behind this review.”Two fatties in Dubai“, she also received in the comment section a snapshot of a friend and her in Dubai. And once again she revealed the identity of her opponent. A kind of warning to the next ones who want to have it over her.

Already on December 21, Kelly Vedovelli shared the conquest of a criticism she had received. “She goes from Shein to Yves Saint Laurent and co. It’s not his TV appearances that pay for all that. Thanks WHO? Thank you Cyril (Hanouna, editor’s note). Another venal“, we wrote to him. Annoyed, the columnist off TPMP replied: “Leave me the old goats. (…) You just have to know one thing, your insults or derogatory comments make me laugh out loud and at worst completely indifferent to me. But it worries my relatives because you are creepy and it stinks. So unfollow me?

A clarification that unfortunately did not prevent others from attacking her.

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