La Boite à Pizza’s CSR commitment

Ecologically and socially committed, The pizza box integrates social and environmental concerns into its commercial strategy through the implementation of various actions. This voluntary approach is not only commendable, but it is also particularly appreciated by customers. Check out some of these actions.


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La Boîte à Pizza is betting on a greener future

For several years now, The pizza box adopted electric scooter or bicycle for its pizza deliveries. The brand is committed to an environmentally responsible approach by referring to suppliers of scooters and electric bicycles for its supplies. If respect for the environment is the primary motivation for this approach, it is also positive in relation to the well-being of city dwellers by helping to make the city quieter and less polluted.

It is also with a view to protecting the environment that La Boite à Pizza only uses recyclable cardboard packaging. Since 2019, the brand has also banned eggs from hens raised indoors. The eggs referred to by La Boite à Pizza’s central purchasing office come exclusively from free range chickens. Through this initiative, La Boite à Pizza contributes to the defense of animal welfare and sustainable agriculture, while offering better quality eggs to its customers.

Plastic-free and gender-neutral toys

La Boite à Pizza did not wait for the anti-waste law and the ban, which came into force on January 1, 2022, to offer plastic toys with children’s menus to remove plastic toys from its KIDELIR menu. Since 2021, La Boite à Pizza only offers 100% plastic-free toysenvironmentally responsible and mostly made in France.

More than just an anticipation of the law, La Boite à Pizza wanted to push the reflection even further by choosing educational and fun games which allows you to share good times with your family, and above all, which can be reused over time. The games and toys from the KIDELIR menu are too not gender specificthat illustrates the brand’s strong desire to move the lines and break stereotypes, in line with the expectations of many parents.

“In our selection of games and toys, we emphasize the development of skills such as imagination, motor skills, construction, creativity, etc. Our desire, for our young customers: to combine pleasure, enjoyment and fun »comments the sign.

La Boite à Pizza’s social commitment is reflected in these various initiatives carried out throughout the year, but also in its management policy through a constant awareness among the teams of environmental issues or of benevolent management.

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