La Pizza de Nico constantly adapts to consumer expectations

While the new seasonal menu has just been implemented in all the network’s restaurants Nico’s pizza, Anne Deborah Humiliermarketing and communications manager for the brand, talks about the news that this new menu introduces.


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Twice a year, La Pizza de Nico restaurants launch a new seasonal menu with pop-up recipes. The launch of the latest seasonal menu is an opportunity to take a closer look at the brand’s positioning in the pizza market.

A thick dough like Neapolitan pizza

“This new season pass brings a lot of news, says Anne Déborah Humilier. Indignant 12 new pizza recipeswhich is quite significant, we have also changed the salad recipes by favoring the choice ofORGANIC ingredients. We have also developed an offer “thick dough” to meet consumer expectations inspired by the famous Neapolitan pizza, with a gourmet look and a really soft dough. Without dyes or preservatives, our homemade dough is made with extra virgin organic olive oil. It is very important for us to keep these quality standards, even with our new selection of pizzas at low prices. Quality is also what makes La Pizza de Nico’s identity, and from now on the customer will be able to choose his dough. »

Pizzas at low prices for the same quality

Always aware of consumer expectations and needs, La Pizza de Nico has just launched one new selection of pizzas at reasonable pricesfrom €6.90, also to respond to the current economic situation. “With this new offering, there is the economic aspect and the taste aspect that come into play, explains Anne Déborah Humilier. It is not a matter of offering products at low cost at the expense of quality. At La Pizza de Nico we wanted to blower the selling price of some of our pizzas without cutting corners quality of ingredientsor reduce amount. For our customers, in the end, only the prices of certain pizzas have changed. »

Constant adaptation to consumer expectations

Nico’s Pizza’s will is forever adapt to market expectations without abandoning what has made it successful since its inception Nico Palea more than 20 years ago: offer quality pizzas with excellent value for money. This positioning appeals not only to consumers, but also to project managers who want it open a pizzeria. The network has been open to independent entrepreneurs since 2008 and offers the ideal framework for getting started in the restaurant industry, even ifyears of experience in the field.

In addition to the quality of its offer, one of the advantages of the La Pizza de Nico concept is its accessibility. “We have simplified the processes as much as possible to allow you to open a pizzeria without having come from the restaurant business, details Nico Palea. We have a integrated education service which allows us to train in the industry and acquire the processes and skills necessary to open a pizzeria La Pizza de Nico. »

The network is thus gradually being rolled out throughout the country. Firmly established in the Grand Est, the cradle of the concept, it has recently opened a restaurant in the heart of Paris, Place de la Bastille. Many opportunities must be seized everywhere in France to open a restaurant La Pizza de Nico. In its national expansion strategy, the brand first of all aims to establish itself in or near major cities and then spread around. It is open to different profiles of entrepreneurs, operators or investors.

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