Laguiole: this new restaurant in the country of Aubrac shakes up the codes of the kitchen

This atypical establishment offers earthy food, drinks and antiques. Amazing.
La Réserve invites you to exoticism in Laguiole

You had to dare, Fabrine Malet did it. The decoration could confuse some, necessarily exotic in the country of Aubrac. But the quality of the offered works and the overflowing imagination allow Laguiole to come out of his reserve. Aubrac beef on the plate, yes, but tartar style with Thai spices. Trip bags? Still yes, but donut style. Smart the Malets who opened their establishment by setting up four talented young people. Léa and Louis in the dining room, Maxime and Raphaël in the kitchen.

History of dusting off gastronomy and getting off the beaten path of the high plain. Léa and Maxime went through the hands of Maison Bras (Cyril Lignac and many others for Raphaël) and Gilles Moreau, who was the middleman, the whistleblower in this unusual taste adventure.

“We are trying to shake up the codes”

In the heart of “La Réserve”, Maxime makes his sweet treat for la Dolce vita with Milanese tripous and pasta romana. An atypical menu for a unique concept that focuses on quality and inventiveness. For sweets, Raphaël is not left out. CAP in pastry in Albi in his pocket, working chocolate is a passion, his job, a vocation. To the point of having distinguished himself in the competition for the best apprentice in France on the theme of carpentry. Currently he is working on a sculpture of an antler, all in chocolate of course. “We are trying to shake up the codes”, summarizes Maxime in charge of salt, in a certain tone. On its way to Northern Ireland, Brexit has closed its bags to finally put them down in Laguiole.

The opening was not without anxiety this summer, in mid-August. But the customers were there. The setting and the kitchen are a true invitation to travel. The decoration and furniture come from Malet’s rich family history. “We try to express ourselves, we have a lot of autonomy”, concludes Maxim. From the old to decoration, from youth to work, the recipe is to harmoniously rise towards the ideal. To get an idea, a brunch is planned for January 1.

La Réserve, 13 allée de l’Amicale, open from Thursday to Sunday. Contact on 06 80 82 40 29.

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