Last Christmas – Watching this movie netizens end up in tears

This Sunday, December 25, TF1 aired “Last Christmas” and this movie made Internet users cry. credit: Universal

This Sunday, December 25, TF1 broadcast “Last Christmas” to celebrate this Christmas Day. But this movie plunged netizens into endless sadness and they ended the evening in “tears”.

First of all, and before we start this article, we wish you a Merry Christmas. This Sunday, December 25, TF1 continued its marathon of Christmas movies, much to the delight of the French. The first channel has chosen to broadcast “Last Christmas”, a feature film by Paul Feig. The latter was released in dark rooms in 2019, and was a resounding success. It must be said that many spectators, happy with Christmas films, also really wanted to find Emilia Clarke in the cinema. In fact, a few months before its release, the Game of Thrones series had ended on the American channel HBO, leaving fans in deep frustration as well as endless sadness. To cheer up the series’ most faithful followers, Emilia Clarke was back, but in a completely new register.

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“Perfectly perfect for plaid and hot chocolate atmosphere”

In “Last Christmas,” Emilia Clarke plays a character at odds with that of Game of Thrones. This time she is no longer Daenerys Targaryen, the “queen of dragons”, but Kate, a young woman who has gone through terrible trials during her life. As the synopsis for “Last Christmas” reveals, “Kate is a young woman who often makes bad decisions. Her latest mistake is to take a job as Santa Claus in a department store in London. While she meets Tom, a complete stranger who wants to change his life forever.” One thing is for sure, TF1 made a choice that won over viewers by airing this Christmas movie. A large number of Internet users have expressed their delight at the idea of ​​snuggling under a blanket while watching “Last Christmas” on their televisions.

“I wanted a happy ending movie, I cry”

Despite this joy at the thought of (again) seeing him, another conflicting feeling has invaded the web. Moving on in the plot, without spoiling too much, Kate feels misunderstood and above all “different” since her heart transplant. As soon as this footage was revealed, viewers understood that this was no ordinary Christmas movie and that the ending would not be so happy. This feature film is a far cry from the “clichés” of the happy and sometimes silly films aired during this festive season. And upon discovering the outcome of this story, many netizens expressed their grief on Twitter. “Last Christmas” “pierced the soul” of some Twitter users and broke everyone’s hearts.

“Last Christmas” was both so beautiful but so sad according to internet users. And if they especially appreciated Emilia Clarke in this role, it was the soundtrack in particular that overturned their hearts. He actually pays a beautiful tribute to George Michael, who died on December 25, 2016. And his famous song “Last Christmas” with Wham, will never have made so much sense.

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