Lawsuits Filed in Massachusetts After Crash at Apple Store

BOSTON – The family of a man who was seriously injured when an SUV crashed through the window of an Apple store in Massachusetts last week is suing the Apple brand, the driver in question and the owners of the building where the branch is located. .

On November 21, one person was killed and 20 others injured when the vehicle crashed into the shop window, which was torn open by the impact. Matthew Timberger was one of the injured with broken bones and several other injuries.

He and his family claim that the driver who hit the car was driving carelessly, but they also criticize Apple and the owner of the building for not placing barriers in front of the window of their store that could have prevented people inside from being broken into.

“The facade of the Apple Store is just a big window with doors. These windows and doors are not designed or reinforced in a manner that enables them to effectively withstand the impact of a moving motor vehicle,” the suit states.

Apple and WS Development, owner of the building, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press.

Two store employees also filed lawsuits related to the event, but they did not target Apple.

The driver, Bradley Rein, has pleaded not guilty to charges of dangerous driving.

He told police he was trying to spot an eyeglass store in the mall when his right foot got stuck on the accelerator. He tried to use his left foot to brake but was unable to bring his vehicle to a stop.

It was not possible to find a telephone number to reach Mr. Rein, who was represented by a court-appointed attorney on the criminal charges. It was not immediately clear whether he had a lawyer to represent him in the proceedings.

The Timberger family, including Mr. Timberger’s wife, Christina, is seeking damages that include compensation for her injuries, loss of income and damage to their family relationship.

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