“Let’s overcome the debates surrounding bullfighting using the scientific method”

Aurelie Jean. Frederic Monceau

FIGAROVOX/CHRONICLE – Our columnist, whom readers will find every Thursday, is against bullfighting. According to her, the use of the scientific method would recognize that the acceptance of this practice is not based on logical reasoning.

Aurélie Jean is a doctor of natural sciences and an entrepreneur. In particular, she has published On the other side of the machine. A scientist’s journey to the land of algorithms (2019) and Do algorithms make the law? (2022), published by L’Observatoire.

The blood flows. In the arenas, but also in the violent words that slide between bullfighter lovers and all those who would like to see these fights written in the past. Animal suffering contrasts with the glory of the bull, and human dignity opposes the pride of the bullfighter. Whether in the semantics or the values ​​of each, the differences exist and find arguments on both sides of the arena. And yet, the scientific method could help to see more clearly to finally get out of an often disordered passion and recognize that the acceptance of bullfighting is really only a matter of sensitivity. Certainly not the answer to a logical reasoning, which would however come to the aid of all bullfighters

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