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Lidl Switzerland celebrates Veganuary and implements several vegan actions and special offers for the occasion. The goal here is to arouse the interest of as many people as possible in vegan food. Lidl Switzerland is expanding its range and experiencing increasing demand.

The Veganuary is a campaign that runs every year with the aim of encouraging people to adopt a vegan diet during the month of January. For one month, Lidl Switzerland motivates its customers to experience a vegan lifestyle and diet. Kassandra Marty, Sustainability Manager in Lidl Switzerland’s purchasing department, explains: “Veganauern is the perfect opportunity to discover the vegan lifestyle and diet. We are delighted that as many of our customers take advantage of the month of January to eat vegan from time to time For this, we offer a large range at reasonable prices, with the quality that comes with it, as evidenced by the many V-Label Awards to our account.”

Vegan and vegetarian clearly in fashion

For several years, Lidl Switzerland has noticed a strong trend towards the consumption of vegan and vegetarian products. From year to year, the demand continues to increase. Therefore, the retailer continuously expands its vegetarian and vegan range. Currently, Lidl Switzerland already offers more than 100 vegan and vegetarian alternatives in its range.

Lidl Switzerland markets its own vegan and vegetarian products under the “Vemondo” brand. All CO2 emissions generated with these products are offset to enable a more climate-friendly consumption.

In addition to its wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, the retailer offers a wide variety of different and varied vegetable products that are essential for a balanced vegan and vegetarian diet. What’s more, during Veganuary 60 other “veggie” products are offered in addition to the already existing products.

Feelfood: the label signed by Fabian Zbinden

Under the brand “feelfood”, Fabian Zbinden makes vegan ready meals such as his “Chili sin Carne”, his “Red Lentil Dal” or his “Pasta Bolo Vegan”. These dishes are made from 100% organic plant-based ingredients. With “feel food”, Fabian Zbinden proves that a vegan and complete diet is also possible without much effort. For this, he uses organic vegan ingredients, ensures a balanced nutritional profile and completely dispenses with additives. And it is just in time for Veganuary that Lidl Switzerland decides to bring Fabian Zbinden’s products into its stores. Also available in the 167 Lidl stores in Switzerland: two kinds of organic and vegan drinks for a complete early morning breakfast. Thanks to Lidl Switzerland, the products are available in Swiss retail for the first time.

Lidl products in the spotlight

The V-Label Awards competition since 2021 rewards companies whose products are the most advanced in terms of sustainability and which offer a wide range of vegan and vegetarian products. And already for the second year in a row, Lidl’s “Vemondo” product range has been named the big winner in the “Special Consumer Award” category.

The V-Label Awards competition is organized by V-Label GmbH, market leader with its “V-Label” brand for vegan and vegetarian products. In Switzerland, the licensor for the V-Label is the Swissveg association.


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