Luana Belmondo “massacred”: this star who did not like her cooking at all

On Monday, December 19, 2022, Luna Belmondo was a guest on the Beurn Out podcast. During it, the Italian-born chef talked about her successes and failures and named the star who did not like one of her dishes at all.

You can’t please everyone, and Luana Belmondo won’t say the opposite! On Monday, December 19, 2022, the famous chef of Italian origin spoke about his career on the Beurn Out podcast. The opportunity for her to discuss her successes, but also her failures. If she has cooked for many personalities, the wife of Paul Belmondo received not only compliments. During this podcast, she remembered the writer Jean d’Ormesson in particular. “He wanted me to make him a pasta, I suggested Amatriciana, a very Roman pasta. In the middle of the show he said: ‘But this is not at all what I expected!’ No, he didn’t talk like that it was much finer and more elegant, but in any case he found that it was not the right recipe“, she recalled.

Charles Aznavour was not convinced by his kitchen either. Luana Belmondo said: “His dish was a soup with pasta and beans. It’s called Pasta e fagioli, alas! I told him that as my family tradition I had put a ham crust. He said to me, ‘No! You didn’t put any bacon in!’ He didn’t want to taste anything, and he said directly: ‘Oh, eat, it won’t be good!’” Humorously, the young woman then mentioned Amanda Lear, who did not like her cooking at all. In all openness, the mother slipped to Alessandro, Victor and Giacomo: “She butchered me! She said it was really ugly and we were live on TV!

Luana Belmondo: “Italian cuisine is appreciated all over the world”

On Tuesday, September 13, 2022, for the Les Commis site, which offers recipe baskets for cooking, this had nevertheless assured that the French appreciate Italian cuisine. “France is somewhat open to gastronomy, so they have a very developed palate. Outside of France, Italian cuisine is appreciated all over the world. It is a simple and quality kitchen. It is a cuisine that speaks to the French, just as French cuisine speaks to the Italians. Italian cuisine is consensual, family, popular and it is a complete cuisineit’s not just pizza and pasta“, she had told.

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