M Pokora reveals on Instagram his top 10 favorite movies!

Before starting his tour, M Pokora juggles between sports sessions, managing his business, family life and free time in front of movies.

Yes, M Pokora does not only like music in life. The artist loves cinema. He thus often has his movie nights at home, as evidenced by his Instagram story of the day. MCE describes everything from A to Z!

M Pokora shares many moments of life on Instagram

Between taco nights, family outings and outings in Los Angeles, the interpreter ofShe controls me, does not hesitate to film the moments of life to share them with his fans on Instagram. Something to please them!

And when M Pokora doesn’t do it, they can count on, for example, his wife Christina Milian capture it on video ahead of the 2022 World Cup. Furthermore, the singer, when the Blues qualified against Morocco, he exploded with joy.

For the news, M Pokora and Christina Milian have also chosen an evening at home. According to their respective stories posted on Instagram, in late 2022. The happy parents of three children, including a girl named Violet Madison and two boys, Isaiah and Kenna.

After a wealth of projects, between the release of his album Epicenter, the recording of his clip Who We are, their vacations in Saint-Tropez, the opening of Pasta Corner in Los Angeles, things happened in 2022. In addition, M Pokora posted a touching video of all those moments on Instagram.

After a very active year between Los Angeles and Paris, the married couple have packed their bags in the USA, to celebrate the new year. The opportunity for the singer to recharge his batteries before his big Epicenter tour.

When he’s not playing sports, he relaxes in front of movies. He also revealed his Top 10. MCE tells you more!

The list of his 10 best movies revealed

M Pokora won his first role in the cinema, thanks to Muriel Robin. In fact, the actress directed the film The First Forgotten and to embody the main character, she thought of the singer. Because the latter would take up the challenge of becoming an actor at any cost.

Since 2019, it has been done. Then he didn’t stop there at all. Yes, in 2022, together with Philippe Lellouche and Estelle Leféburehe played in his first game, In Paris. Once again, he rose to the challenge with flying colours.

In November he replayed one Sketch of the unknown. So in December 2022, M Pokora was able to shoot with Ahmed Sylla and Arnaud Ducret in Le grand restaurant.

And when he doesn’t answer, the singer makes a living from movies. Also, he shared his 10 favorite movies, though he admitted that it wasn’t easy to pick just 10. This is definitely because of his astrological sign, which is Libra.

So here are his Top 10 that are Gladiator, Forrest Gump, Romeo + Juliet, Lord of War, Avatar 2, Django, Last King of Scotland, The Wolf of Wall StreetBlade Runner, Scarfacee. And since he could not choose only 10, he therefore revealed nine others.

Added to his list of favorite movies, Life is beautiful, The Green Line, La HaineThou shalt not kill, my king. But still, American History X, Fight Club, Les Evadés and The Black Knight. He concluded his story with these words: “And so many others that I love too much too!” In reality, a top 10 is impossible”.

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