major change planned internally for the chips on future iPhones

From 2024, Apple could start buying chips from TSMC’s new factory in Arizona. Currently, the SoCs for Apple products are manufactured mainly at the partner’s Taiwanese manufacturing sites.

The chips in our future iPhones could be American // Source: Luke Michael – Unsplash

The information is still unofficial, but Apple would consider producing some of its chips in the United States. This is what we learn this week from Mark Gurman in an article published by Bloomberg. Often well-informed when it comes to the Cupertino giant, the interested party says that Tim Cook would have talked about this with his German engineers during a trip to Europe. For Apple, the idea would be to take home part of its production of processors, and more precisely to do so in the new factory that partner TSMC is building in Arizona.

Remember that Apple already manufactures some of its products in the United States. We are thinking in particular of the Mac Pro, which was assembled in 2019 at a subcontractor for the company based in Texas. A decision which had also been the subject of a clumsy political recovery by Donald Trump three years ago.

4nm chips produced in Arizona starting in 2024

We have already decided to buy from a factory in Arizona, and this factory will be open in 2024. So we have about two years ahead of us, maybe a little less.”, Tim Cook told his engineers. ” As for Europe, I’m sure we’ll pick them up from there as our plans become more concrete. “added the head of Apple during the interview. A meeting with the participation of two other high-ranking officials of the Californian giant: Eddy Cue, head of Apple services, but also Deirdre O’Brien, head of sales and human resources, conveys MacRumors.

Source: Apple

The specialized media indicate that Tim Cook did not give more details about his project, but we know that in fact in 2020 TSMC has started the construction of a chip factory in Arizona, near Phoenix. The latter should open its doors in 2024 and will allow the mass production of chips engraved using the 4 nm process. A process that the Taiwanese founder started using at the end of last year. It is also on this fine engraving that the manufacture of the A16 Bionic chips for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, launched in September, is based.

According to information shared last week by The Wall Street Journal, TSMC would also plan to build a second factory, still in Arizona. The latter, in turn, would benefit from an investment of 12 billion dollars and would be dedicated to the production of chips engraved this time in 3 nm. A process that Apple should logically start using in its products soon.

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