Marina Raibaldi, emblematic figure of Corsican weather, leaves the antenna

Marina Raibaldi delivered her last weather report on December 30 on the France 3 Corse ViaStella antenna. The end of 24 years with a flamboyant and committed presence.

Her flamboyant hair, her sparkling gaze, her laugh and her accent, Marina Raibaldi will undoubtedly remain in the memory of Corsican viewers for a long time.

After 24 years of presenting weather forecasts on the air, in French and in the Corsican language, which she learned in a few months, this Croatian, who arrived on the island somewhat by chance, left the air with a lot of emotions: “I care about the love of the viewers. And this strong Corsica that I love so much. The last few days people have stopped me in the street and hugged me, it’s very touching.” she testifies on the set of Corsica Sera on Thursday, December 30.

A committed woman

She leaves the antenna, she also leaves Corsica, where she lived for 38 years, to return to her country of origin, Croatia.

Marina Raibaldi, who has been alarmed by climate change for a long time, has been involved for 25 years in the association International Forum for Weather and Climate, led by Jean Jouzel. She intends to continue her work there.

To transmit

She was the first to invite children to participate in her television bulletins, eager to raise their awareness of weather-related issues. “I sat for 4 years in a working group on climate change in the European Commission, which was particularly aimed at children. We worked with school children, we made cartoons. This is something I have always tried to convey.she says enthusiastically.

With her energy and strength of conviction, Marina will no longer fly them, but she intends to continue to put them at the service of the causes she supports. She is writing a book and a documentary which will be broadcast on France 3 Corse ViaStella.

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