Math Puzzle: Simple in appearance, it causes half of the participants to fail…

This mathematical challenge, launched by an internet user, seems at first glance relatively simple to solve. However, a majority of those who have tried it have failed at the first attempt due toa small detail that makes all the difference.

A netizen recently shared this math puzzle, which involves only three products from a major fast food chain. The results of the addition problems are already known, but there is still one operation to solve.

At first glance, the operation may seem simple because multiplication usually takes precedence over addition. However, many people fail on the first try becausea small visual detail escapes them.

Ready? Calculate!

Solution and explanation of this math puzzle

  1. The first bill line includes three drinks worth 30 in total. Each drink is therefore worth 10.
  2. The second line shows an extra drink added to two burgers, making 20. Here it is clear each burger is a total of 5.
  3. Finally, the third addition includes servings of fries added to a burger, resulting in a total of 9.

We must therefore solve a final operation with a hamburger, a portion of fries and a drink involved in both an addition and a multiplication problem.

It is between the third and last operation there plays out the details that many internet users have failed at the first attempt at a solution. For many, the third operation implies thatportions of fries are worth 2what is true.

So for the last operation, the answer is 25. Except that it should be noted portions of fries are doubled in the third operation, and not in the last.

In other words, a portion of fries alone is worth 1 point. Then the multiplication priority rule applies normally, which gives 10×1 + 5 = 15. So did you succeed?

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