Mathieu Arnaud, local craftsman

Pasta Murati was officially launched in 2019 and its activity exploded during the pandemic. New machines arrive and three people are hired to support the development of the young company, now based in Artiguelouve. ” Unfortunately, people quickly returned to their pre-crisis spending habits. In the meantime, I became the manager of Pasta Murati after my divorce. There are only two of us in the company Mathieu Arnaud explains.

Good products from the Southwest

Making his organic spaghetti, tagliatelle, ravioli, shells, fusilli, macaroni and conchiglie… Mathieu Arnaud sources as much as possible locally. For his ravioli, he thus works with cattle breeders from Morlaàs and pigs from Ger (Béarn) and mushroom producers from Tarbes. He also uses trout from the Pyrenees, mixed blank from the Pyrenees.

“There is only durum wheat semolina, which I cannot find in the southwest. I get my supplies from a group of Aragonese and French producers located near Huesca in Spain, emphasizes the confectioner.

In addition to recycling 95% of its waste by turning it into animal feed for these producer partners, Mathieu Arnaud wants to recycle the packaging for its products. ” If a local association or company has an idea to upgrade them, please contact me “. The call has been launched!

Noemie Besnard

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