“Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!” is available for the holidays on Apple TV+

In the family of Christmas movies to please children and cousins, I ask Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! The animated TV movie, which first premiered on CBS more than fifty years ago, pays tribute to the famous dog Snoopy as well as Peanuts, based on the eponymous series by Charles M. Schulz. And this year, instead of watching it on your TV, just fire up Apple TV+ on your iPhone, iPad or MacBook to find out.

The service is available through the Apple TV app for a 6.99 euros per month for a single user. A more affordable price than Netflix’s ad-free offer, which starts at 8.99 euros per month. On Apple TV+ you can also find many original productions such as Ted Lasso with Jason Sudeikis or The Big Conna documentary about American Social Security fraudster Eric C. Conn.

Synopsis and cast

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! goods twenty five minutes, with Bill Melendez directing and starring as Snoopy. The filmmaker, who died in September 2008, also shot The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in 1979 and You’re in the Super Bowl, Charlie Brown! In 1994.

Other cast members include Chris Shea (as Linus van Pelt), Peter Robbins (Charlie Brown), Tracy Stratford (Lucy van Pelt), Cathy Steinberg (Sally Brown) and Geoffrey Orstein (Pig-Pen). As for the French voices, the cast can count on Alexis Tomassin (after life, Narco, The other star), Sauvane Delanoe (flash dance, The Tightrope, The shadow of a suspicion), Adeline Chetail (call, Julie Lescaut, Until the end of the night) and on Hervé Rey (gear, Companions of the Pomponette, Red kiss).

What else for December 25?

If you want to discover other titles for Christmas, The Polar Express is also a pretty smart choice, but available this time on Netflix. Otherwise, our colleagues are off Lemon-squeezer.net also recommend Mom I missed the plane! on Disney+, a classic, and Mr. Jack’s Strange Christmas by Tim Burton on the same platform.

The Nightmare Before Christmas © Touchstone Pictures

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