Mobilization in the judiciary: Christian Pasta, regional delegate for the Union of Magistrates, this morning’s guest

A year after the so-called tribune of 3000, in which they condemned the deterioration of their working conditions, judges and judicial officials in New Caledonia are mobilizing this Tuesday at the Nouméa Court of First Instance. Christian Pasta, regional delegate for the Pacific of the Union of Judges, was a guest on morning radio this Tuesday, November 22nd.

We no longer want a justice that does not listen and that times everything” : 23 November 2021, 3 000 judges condemned their deteriorating working conditions in a column published in the newspaper The world. Tribune, which will actually be signed by almost 8 000 magistrates, court auditors, attorneys, etc. “This forum followed the suicide of a young 29-year-old judge working in Douai who was in a very difficult situation due to the workload and the lack of support from her hierarchy. The referees therefore reacted, and it was a real tsunami.explains Christian Pasta, regional delegate of the Union of Magistrates (USM).

A year later, has the situation improved? Not really, he says. “Although progress has been noted, we are still in a very difficult situation in certain jurisdictions. The working conditions have become completely unbearable. We are in an accounting logic. However, the magistrate profession must make quality decisions within a reasonable time. The more decisions we make, the less the quality. And the more we enforce deadlines, the less quality is present. It’s mechanical.” he assures.

In Noumea, “still spared these problems”job creation has been requested, “both at the prosecutor’s office and at the headquarters, because the difficulties are rather at the level of the judges at the headquarters in Noumea. Due mainly to vacancies and illness, we have had some difficulties during the past year. But here there is a very strong involvement of the heads of courts and jurisdictions, to help the judges and have an adequate recruitment policy.”.

And yet, at the initiative of several unions of civil servants and judges in the judiciary, a meeting is being organized this Tuesday late in the morning at the Court of First Instance in Noumea. It’s about condemning”immobility and the absence of change in Chancery policy”. Consequences: criminal investigations in the first instance and at the Court of Appeal will be interrupted. “We will keep the priority hearings, i.e. the files where there are detentions and the files that have already been returned, e.g. due to Covid. All other files will be returned”says Christian Pasta.

An interview can be found here.

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