My 9 Shape and Slim Resolutions to Maintain a Tapered Silhouette in 2023

This is the time for big decisions. Who says new year says new ambitions says new challenges says… In short. And slimming questions, every year it’s the same refrain! Next year ? “I want to lose 10 kilos”, “I want to be tall in sports”, “I want to have the same body as her”. The one who tells you about a Special K diet and is (sorry) also obsessed with this almost androgynous slimness. For 2023, ciao bye dieting, deprivation or restriction, we aim for realistic goals, cool mid-term ambitions to keep a slim look summer and winter, I promise, I swear.

The pace in 2023? Listen to each other

I can already hear you telling me that dying to “listen to each other” is boring. Of course because body positivism has been in full swing for a few seasons and everyone’s curves, shapes and bodies are enhanced by their diversity. The fact is, in real life, on a daily basis, many of us remain downright obsessed with our weight, right? Yes.

To get out of this gear that is eating you from the inside, there is nothing better than making a list of 9 resolutions you need to keep for the long term to welcome 2023 at a soft pace, slowly but with change!

Set yourself a number of sports sessions a month, eat plentiful and healthy meals every day, focus on a gentle method of melting, take care of your body with scrubs and masks, walk as much as possible, have real fun on good occasions in year… You got me!

The idea? Stop wanting to change your body, lose weight at all costs, go on yo yo diets and shape yourself slowly but surely.

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