Near Rennes: this couple sells pizzas from the window of their house

Amandine Millon and Killian Perez opened Pizza Maison in Bruz. (©Laure Gentil/Actu Rennes)

He is only 23 years old and yet Killian Perez no lack of experience! Best apprentice pastry chef in France, he learned his trade as a pastry chef in Elysee. Today he lives in Bruzin Ille-et-Vilainewith his partner Amanda Millon, pastry chef.

In addition to her everyday work withYvan Chevalier (Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier 2019), who owns a pastry-chocolate factory in the center of Rennes, the young and talented Killian decided to try his hand at pizza at the weekends.

That was last November Homemade pizzatheir take-out pizza project, was born.

News: Why did you settle in Rennes?

Killian Perez: I opened Yvan Chevalier’s shop in 2022. We had met a year earlier when I was pastry chef at Alain Ducasse’s school in Saint-Étienne. He had come to give vocational training. We had a good feeling. He asked me to follow him to open his shop.

Why did you open Pizza Maison?

CP: It is a project for two with my partner Amandine. She lives and works with me at Yvan Chevalier. We are setting up this little dark kitchen because we want to start our own business. It gave us the opportunity to put a first foot on the ladder of business creation and management. It also allows us to create a small portfolio to open our business.

Why make pizzas when you are a pastry chef?

CP: We are pizza lovers, everywhere we go we have to eat it! I have been making my own pizza dough for years when I cook. When we arrived in Bruz we couldn’t find a shoe that fit us. There was something to do. In addition, the initial investment is not as large as for a pastry. At the hardware level, it’s much simpler. Even on raw materials, it is much less complicated than in pastry. But opening a real pizzeria is not the goal.

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The couple sells their pizzas through their window.
The couple sells their pizzas through their window. (©Laure Gentil/Actu Rennes)

How do I order?

CP: We are open Friday from 19.00 and Saturday and Sunday from 18.30. Ordering is complicated because we are victims of our own success. Also, to be sure to have your pizza, call as soon as possible or even the day before for the next day. We are looking to see if we can set up a website to manage the influx of orders.

What pizzas do you offer?

CP: A Margherita, a queen, a spicy, a goat/honey, 4 cheeses and a vegetarian. They all cost €12. We also offer focaccia for €4.50 and a nutella focaccia for €6.

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