New restaurant near Dinard: at La Strada, authentic Neapolitan flavors

The team at La Strada, a restaurant that opened rue des VIlles Billy in La Richardais. ©The Malouin Country / Jacques Pons

At La Richardais, close by Dinard (Ille-et-Vilaine), opened the restaurant La Strada rue des Villes Billy. “There is no competition, it shows master pizza maker of the company, but our difference: we want to transfer the other pizza, the authentic Neapolitan pizza. In his way of announcing the color, there is no need to ask him where his heart goes: the Italian chef, certified master pizza maker, trainer in the discipline, breathe, cook, live Neapolitan.

Italian products

“La Strada is regularly supplied with DOP products (for “Denominazione di Origine Protetta”, the Italian equivalent of our PDO): tomatoes, only San Marzano; burrata (mozzarella di Bufala Campana, filled with cow’s milk cream), bufala (mozzarella made from buffalo milk ), oils… Everything is 100% DOP or even organic. »

And the cooking is of course homemade: polpeto or veal meatballs with pistachios; paccheri alla genovese, a succulent or meat and onion-based sauce that accompanies pasta; grilled squid or in a salad; torta caprese, this famous fondant chocolate dessert with almonds and gluten free because without flour…

Reading the menu is already traveling and enjoying the gastronomic stops. Especially since the house of course also has a selection of Italian wines, and what we call a treasure cellar here…

Master pizza maker works only homemade pasta, in three steps and double rising, within 48 hours.
Master pizza maker works only homemade pasta, in three steps and double rising, in 48 hours. ©The Malouin Country / Jacques Pons

90 indoor seats

In short, there is Neapolitan in the plates and hearts, and Italian in the style. La Strada is a beautiful bright space, by some 90 indoor seats (plus 40 on the terrace)), which breathes abundantly thanks to a stylish design. Italian, in a word, down to the decor of the rooms, the furniture, the huge painting on the concrete wall at the back, the light fixtures.

The quality of welcome is here to match, carried by the team led by Dany Lechoux, led in the dining room by Maïwen and in the kitchen by the associate chef Carmelo and his assistants. The new house of the entrepreneur Tony Adouani, which opened quietly at the beginning of September (present right next to L’Ami, but also in Saint-Lunaire or Saint-Malo) has all the assets to do its difference. Neapolitan, first of the special dough of its pizzas, which after 48 hours of maturation and double rising turns into this thick and light, crispy and soft delicacy that Carmelo watches.

La Strada: 02 77 64 56 87, rue des Villes Billy. Open 5 days a week, every lunchtime (12:00 – 14:00) and evening (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 18:00 – 22:00 and Friday, Saturday 19:00 – 22:30)

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