No more pizza in front of Netflix, take time to enjoy your meals

Swallowing the contents of your plate in a few minutes, without even thinking about it, deeply disrupts digestion, the assimilation of nutrients and the relationship with food. Eating well cannot be reduced to swallowing calories, vitamins, fiber and minerals. It also means feeding on colors, smells, textures and feelings that are beneficial to the body and mind, as explained by Dr. Paule Nathan, endocrinologist and nutritionist, author of “Do you make sense of your diet to make sense of your life” published. by Odile Jacob.

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Why do you recommend taking a break before eating?

Dr. Paul Nathan. Eating in a hurry damages the intestines. It is therefore better to approach the meal calmly by taking a break just before to release the tension from the previous activity, to reduce its muscle tone and to open the senses completely. A meal eaten nervously does not have the same effect as a meal eaten calmly, even if one is in a hurry. Various metabolic and hormonal pathways are mobilized. Stress especially disrupts the secretion of saliva. However, the latter participates in the digestion of carbohydrates found in food and contributes to the renewal of the digestive epithelium, which covers the intestinal wall. Eating in peace induces a favorable climate in the body, conducive to pleasure in the mouth and digestion. This also makes it possible to get full faster, so you can swallow a third to half as much food. If you’re upset, take two to three minutes to reconnect with yourself before sitting down to eat.

Should we return to simpler food?

Processed foods and processed foods do not have the same qualities as raw materials. They are much higher in saturated fat, added sugar and salt and provide much less fiber and vitamins. Several studies have shown that their consumption increases the risk of cancer by 6% to 18%. The wisdom is therefore to limit them and give a lot of space to real foods, more natural, more authentic. When we eat something, we harm ourselves because once the food is absorbed, it becomes part of our intimacy, our cells, our brain…

Eating at the table or on the sofa, is it the same?

Absolutely not. Eating well also means getting in shape and adopting the right posture. When you eat slouched on a couch, your neck breaks and your lower jaw sticks up in the air, interfering with chewing and causing you to put food in the oven without looking, like you would force-feed a goose. In addition, the stomach and intestines are crushed, resulting in poor transit and an increased risk of reflux. Conversely, when eating while sitting on a chair, the face is naturally tilted forward and the lower jaw is well positioned to concentrate on the meal, reduce the food to a mush, coat it with saliva and digest properly. You get the full benefit of food.

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