North Korea: “Help yourself to hamburger, pizza and waffle!”

SEOUL, Dec. 15 (Yonhap) — The burger, pizza and waffle were displayed at a flour food exhibition in its North Korean capital on Dec. 13, according to North Korean official media on Thursday. . Such promotion of Western foods is extremely rare. The North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) confirmed that there was such a display at Pyongyang Myeonok, a traditional restaurant in the hermitage.

According to the KCNA report, about 70 restaurants and food businesses participated, and “a demonstration of the preparation of flour-based foreign foods such as hamburger and hot dog by top chefs was a sensation in the world. ‘event”. North Korean Central Television (KCTV) also aired a program dedicated to this event, featuring noodles accompanied by mushrooms and vegetables, waffles, buns, pies, as well as fruit-flavored cakes.

The organization of this exhibition falls within the framework of the policy of the North Korean regime, which aims to solve the problems related to the food of the population, while its leader, Kim Jong-un, declared in December 2021 during a plenary meeting of the workers. ‘ Party that the country would switch from its staple foods, potatoes and corn, to rice and flour. Yet North Korea does not produce wheat, the main ingredient of flour, and relies on imports.

The exhibition of flour-based foods would therefore be an opportunity to present unusual foods to the people and show the will of the regime that seeks to solve the food shortage. A documentary broadcast in the Nordics has also pointed out that Kim Jong-un has thought of supplying the people with spaghetti, champagne or even dog meat for the summer season. KCTV also explained that the occasion would modernize the country’s diet by reflecting “the party’s desire to provide more and more delicious meal to the people.”

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