Oceanic+ app turns Apple Watch Ultra into a diving computer

If it’s a little cold to take a dip, never mind: diving enthusiasts can now turn their Apple Watch Ultra into a dive computer! The Oceanic+ application, which was announced at the same time as the Enduring Watch, is indeed available.

It is rare enough to be emphasized, Apple did not want to develop a dedicated application for this use, as the manufacturer had preferred to work with Huish Outdoors. Apple Watch Ultra, certified EN13319 (a recognized standard for diving equipment) can function as a diving computer up to 40 meters.

With Oceanic+, the watch shows current depth, no decompression limit, water temperature, as well as maximum depth, ascent speed and battery level. The app also includes safety warnings, such as excessive rate of ascent and stop recommendations.

The diver can set a compass heading during the dive by pressing the action button on the watch. The dive boundary planner takes into account tides, water temperature and even information shared by other users (visibility, current…). And of course specialized complications are included. The watch notifies the user of a notification with its haptic engine that will be felt even through a 7 mm thick suit.

After the dive, the application generates a report with the GPS coordinates of the entry and exit points and an overview of the diver profile, which is available on Apple Watch and iPhone. On the smartphone, the report is more complete with a map, depth graphs, rate of ascent, etc.

The application is free, but to be able to use all the functions it is necessary to go through a subscription: €12.49 per month or €97.99 per year. Add to that the price of the Ocean bracelet (€99)!

Apple Watch Ultra: Ocean bracelet preview for Sunday divers

Apple Watch Ultra: Ocean bracelet preview for Sunday divers


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