On Instagram, a gourmet inventory of Mediterranean gastronomy

Archiving the treasures of the kitchens of the south in all the richness and diversity of their tastes: this is the challenge that the gourmet philosopher Fabien Vallos has set himself, who treats his followers daily with pictures of his small dishes.

It all started with Roman artichokes one morning in confinement. Since a virus put his life on hold, Fabien Vallos has been harassed by phone calls from friends asking him for recipes. For this philosophy teacher at the National School of Photography in Arles (ENSP), cooking is second nature, and those close to him know it. This 1eh April 2020, when a friend asks her how to do it carciofi alla romana, he rushes to buy a small bunch of violets from the greengrocer, makes this classic of Italian gastronomy. And post a photo and how-to on Instagram. “I said to myself: hey, it could be fun to share recipes. I did it for fun, to keep myself busy.” says the 50-year-old.

Two and a half years later, his daily specials have become a daily event: from Monday to Sunday, at noon without fail, he publishes the image of the plate framed tightly on a marble slab and ingredients still life. The spontaneous sharing of the beginning, for friends, has become an aesthetic and intellectual project. An “Inventory of Mediterranean Gastronomy”, as indicated by his Instagram account, @devenir-dimanche, where he scrolls through the inexhaustible heritage of southern cuisine day after day.

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