Original concept in Perpignan: a pizzeria offers part of the bill if you win on “421”

“Casino 421 Pizza” opened last month in Perpignan, Quartier Las Cobas. (©DR)

“There are winners every day”, smiles Gerald. Satisfied for a month in the neighborhood Las Cobasat Perpignanthis 53-year-old pizza baker has set up a concept that is, to say the least, original and very playful: at the checkout, his customers have the opportunity to play “421”, this famous game where you have to make a “four”, a “two” and a “one” with the three available dice. If it succeeds, part of the bill is offered of the establishment.

Perpignan: play 421 and win a pizza

Gérald borrowed this idea from a restaurant friend and then implemented it in one of his first pizzerias when he was still living in Vaucluse. After a long break, and another move Eastern Pyrenees, two and a half years ago, the latter wanted to return to his first love: “I was born with pizzas, I missed it too much”.

It was then that he set up his new pizzeria Spray Street, east of Perpignan. Together with his partner, they decide to relaunch the “421” game for customers by tweaking the rules a bit:

Here, customers can try to achieve “421” in two shots. If they succeed, we offer them 50% of the bill if they took a pizza. Or, if they have taken several pizzas, they are offered the most expensive one in the form of a voucher for their next visit.

GeraldPizzaiolo in Perpignan
The pizzeria opened Rue des Embruns in Perpignan.
The pizzeria opened Rue des Embruns in Perpignan. (©DR)

Scratch cards for deliveries

A system that generates “lots of winners”, assures Gerald. More a day, says the Perpignan pizza maker, who also wants to win customers who choose to have them delivered. To do this, and from next month, it will slide scratch cards in orders, some of which win a pizza.

But above all, when it comes to the plate, Gérald makes it a point of honor to offer quality pizzas. About fifteen thin crust pizzas are available à la carte, between €10.5 and €15one duck breast pizza homemade jerky from A to Z, or even a specialty around candied onions.

Practical information :

Casino 421 pizza
Rue des Embruns Perpignan
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