Pass Jeunes des Sucs offers discounts in shops for 13-21 year olds

The Pass Jeunes des Sucs is a free card that gives you a discount in more than 60 shops and local services for young people aged 13 to 21 who attend school or live in the municipality of Les Sucs.

A total of 64 companies have agreed to integrate this pass, which allows for a reduction here, offers a gift there, for a passage or for the year. Around 2,500 young people aged 13 to 21 are potentially affected by this Pass des Sucs. To qualify, you simply have to live in one of the nine communes of Les Sucs (Yssingeaux, Retournac, Saint-Maurice-de-Lignon, Araules, Grazac, Lapte, Beaux, Bessamorel and Saint-Julien-du-Pinet) or to be educated in the territory, at a college or a high school, in secondary or higher education.

64 companies to start

This pass will allow young people to push the door to the Youth Information Point where the cards are now available (Wednesday from 14:00 to 18:00) and to teach young people to consume in their territory instead of buying on the Internet. .

For this launch of Carte des Sucs, 64 companies have integrated the system. Any trade can join the movement at any time. 200 passes are ready and others will be created as needed.

Valid until December 2023

This card is valid from January to December 2023.

Telephone: 04 71 59 01 59 or 06 73 67 18 04


Beauty, well-being

Relaxation of juice (Yssingeaux) : 1 water treatment is offered for a one-hour massage purchased on the same day

Cybelle Institute (Retournac) : 20% valid 4 times a year

The Coiff moment (Retournac) : €5 reduction once a year

Hair’ Studio (St Maurice de Lignon) : 20% per year

Coiff’s hair (Grazac) : 5% per year

Coiffure Passion (Yssingeaux) : 10% per year

Wellness Center – Hostin Marjorie and Denis (St Julien du Pinet) : 7€ reduction on the sessions “Stress management, emotions, fears, phobias” + 5€ on the sessions with magnetism and reboutage per year

Chrysalide beauty salon / perfumery (Yssingeaux) : 20% on annual benefits

Institute A time for oneself (Yssingeaux) : 5% on annual benefits

Institut O Nature’l (Yssingeaux) : 10% per year

Ancestral Wellbeing (St Maurice de Lignon) : 10% on spa and massage, exclusive package, all year round

Elena’s Piercing (Yssingeaux) : 10% per year

To eat

La Pasta (Yssingeaux) : 10% on site all year round

Café des Arts (Yssingeaux) : 10% per year

Augustin’s Butcher Shop (St Maurice de Lignon) : 10% per year

Fairy Court Bakery (St Maurice de Lignon) : 10% from 5€ of purchase, limited to 1 time per day during the year

Pâtisserie Paulet “The Gourmet Island” (Retournac) : 5% without a maximum purchase and 10% from €10 per year

Close to us (Lapte) : 10% per year

The Comedia (Yssingeaux) : 20% twice a year

Chez Lorette (Yssingeaux) : 1 free drink with a meal

Elise’s surprises (Yssingeaux) : 10% twice a year

In their home (Yssingeaux) : 1 free drink with the purchase of a formula

Culture, sport, leisure

Les Sucs Music School : 10€ for membership

The Association Self Defense Yssingeaux : 20€ for membership

Chalet du Meygal (Queyrieres) : 10% on the rent and on the day pass

Town hall in Yssingeaux : €6 cinema ticket, €7 theater ticket, €6 subscription, media library

Museum of lace factories (Retournac) : €3.50 entrance fee

Swimming pool in Retournac : €2.40 entrance fee + €16 for 10 registrations

Retournac Kennel Club : 5€ for membership

Kevin MACHY Drone pilot : €10 reduction on the “Immersion flight” service + €10 reduction for creating a special “social network” video

Trees and paths (St Julien du Pinet) : 30% on half-day excursions

Spiral 43 Well Being (Yssingeaux) : 7% at connection

O des Sucs swimming pool (Yssingeaux) : an entry for 1€50

Asso Sound of Yssi (Yssingeaux) : €5 reduction for 2 admissions to the “Le Campagn’art” festival + a free drink if you come in disguise

LAG (Lapte) : a free show ticket

Hands Feet Asso : €10 reduction on admission to the “Sucs en Scène” festival


MAG Press 43 (Yssingeaux) : 5% on the bookshop / 10% on stationery for the year

Samba flowers (Yssingeaux / Retournac) : 5% per year

Griottine’s Treasures (Yssingeaux) : 8% per year

Marjoram (Yssingeaux) : 3% per year

Shoes Breysse Moulin (Yssingeaux) : 5% discount on annual sales and promotions

Hen or Rooster (Yssingeaux) : 5% per year

The foam of the juice (Yssingeaux) : 5% per year

Jewelery Gourgaud (Yssingeaux) : 10% per year

Jewelery Civet (Yssingeaux) : 10% per year

Opt’Yss (Yssingeaux) : 20% on frames for the year

Optical conductor (Yssingeaux) : 40% on optical frames / 25% on sunglasses all year round

Friperie Lulette (Yssingeaux) : €2 reduction (from €10 on purchase) twice a year


Insurance AXA Blangarin (Yssingeaux) : €30 on new contracts (18/21 years)

Insurance AXA Hilaire Coupat Alves (Yssingeaux) : €30 on new contracts

GAN Assurances (Yssingeaux) : 5%


Norisko (Yssingeaux) : €5 on the technical check + €30 code

Tissot Garage (St Julien du Pinet) : 5% excl. cover, 5% upon diagnosis, possibility of deferred payment or in 3 installments free of charge

Garage Bouchet EDG Automobiles (Yssingeaux) : 10% on labour

Other partners

Argos Computer (Retournac) : 20% per year

AVELIS Connect (Yssingeaux) : 10% on repairs + 5% on telephony and accessories

Print deposited by Eole (Grazac) : 10% on “city work” impressions

Studio The eye of the fly (Yssingeaux) : €2 discount on special passport photo driving licences

Photographer Kevin Machy : €15 on portraits up to 4 people / €45 on the “Event / Anniversary” service

English Spirit (Yssingeaux) : 15% on lessons


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