Pasta al salami recipe

Olivier Poels

However, this famous sausage, whose name is undoubtedly of Italian origin (it means salty sausages – in the plural) would not have been born there, but in Germany. The Lombards, a Germanic people from the Baltic who invented this method of preserving meat (salted and dried), then brought it to Italy, where they settled in the 6th century. They stuffed entrails with salted meat so they could be preserved.

Italian-style salami is made with pork (fat and lean), salt, herbs and spices. This technique then spread throughout Europe, where there are many versions of salami, with peppers, chili, garlic, beef, smoked or even boiled. In Lyon, the rosette is made, very similar to salami.

The pink color of cured sausage, as in many hams, is due to the presence of nitrite salt, an additive used in preservation, which is now known to be harmful to health. This preservative arrived after the war with the development of industrial deli meats. It has been approved since 1964… In Italy, salami is used in cooking, especially with pasta al salame.

Pasta al salami recipe


300 g of spaghetti

200 g dry salami

200 g cherry tomatoes

1 robiola or 1 fresh sheep’s cheese

1 white onion

Salt pepper

Start cooking the pasta in a large amount of salted water at 10g per litres

Saute the chopped onion in a little olive oil

Peel the salami and cut it into pieces

Brown it in the pan and add the tomatoes

Simmer for 5 minutes

Add the cheese and let it melt

Add a small ladleful of pasta cooking water


Add the pasta to the sauce and coat well

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