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For our series of “Recipe de Chef(fe)s” articles, we tour the kitchens of our Strasbourg chefs so they can offer us one of their favorite recipes. We cook together and they explain the preparation steps step by step. After the chicken curry at the L’Insulaire restaurant, we go to the depths of the Neudorf district to meet Chef Francesco, who will prepare one of the popular Italian dishes par excellence: pasta alla Genovese. A simmered dish introduced in Naples from the Renaissance, generally eaten with the family. We are very happy to offer you this cheap, simple, delicious and authentic recipe that is an integral part of the Italian culinary culture and heritage.

Fratelli Marmi is this fine Italian grocery store that has been selling quality charcuterie near Neudorf for three years now. Maurizio, the head of the house, selects his products with the greatest attention, just to find the best nugget from the best Italian producers.. Decorated focaccias, cold cuts of all kinds, cheeses, pastas, wines, beers, soft drinks, oils and so on: the hundreds of products from the small delicatessen are increasingly popular with Strasbourg residents (who are definitely bargain hunters for quality products).

For some time now, in light of the success of the daily specials that Maurizo and his chef Francesco prepare every lunchtime, the team has decided to develop the catering part / restoration to take away. In their kitchen, Maurizio, Francesco and Marco prepare aranchini, lasagne (often vegetarian), fried vegetables, cannelloni, polpette, gnocchi and many other delicacies from Italy. And the team is not there to spread the sandwiches, because at Fratelli Marmi the philosophy is as follows: Only seasonal dishes, only products from small producers and 100% homemade.

For pasta alla Genovese for 4 to 6 people you will need

  • 1 kilo of meat (round gite, short rib or other beef for simmering, Bourgogne style)
  • 3 kilos of yellow onions (the sweetest possible)
  • 30cl white wine
  • 20 cl of water
  • Olive oil
  • A bouquet garni
  • Fresh basil (or basil powder)
  • 1 kg pasta in a tube (tortiglioni, rigatoni, penne, cannelloni)

The recipe for pasta alla Genovese by Francesco

Step 1 : Cut the 3 kilos of onion into slices (with diving goggles it avoids crying). Then cut your meat into fairly thick and regular pieces as seen in the pictures.

2nd step : In very hot olive oil, carefully add the meat so that all the pieces are browned evenly. Do not touch it until it is colored. When it has absorbed almost all of its water, add the onions and bouquet garni.

Step 3 : Let the onions cook for a few minutes and then add the bouquet garni and the white wine. Then simmer on low heat for 30 minutes, remove the bouquet garni, then cook for 4 to 10 hours, allowing the onions to melt and mix with the wine and meat juices. Check regularly and moisten with water so that everything does not burn.

Step 4 : When the onions are completely reduced and the brown color is restored, remove the meat and leave the sauce in your pot. Cook your pasta (preferably al dente), then add it to the cooking with a little pasta cooking water and stir well (the starch will fix the brown sauce on the pasta). Place your pasta, some fresh basil, your pieces of meat, some pecorino on a plate and enjoy. With friends or family it's even better... Enjoy your lunch!

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