Pasta chips, the new trendy recipe for your aperitifs

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Pasta, a few spices and a little oil: that’s all you need to make Pasta Chips, this recipe that ignites the TikTok social network. Focus on this trend.

Healthy and crispy chips

Have you ever heard of Pasta Chips? This new food trend consists of turning pasta into ultra-crispy chips. Fun and easy to prepare, this recipe is ideal for your aperitifs with friends or family. You just need to bring your favorite pasta, olive oil, spices or herbs, parmesan and cream before cooking everything in the Airfryer without oil. What offer your guests an original recipe, but above all less caloric than industrial chips.
Several thousand Internet users have already been conquered by this recipe, which has become famous on TikTok. A real success, the hashtag #pastachips already has more than 420 million views.

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Pasta Chips, how are they made?

There is nothing complicated! All you have to do is pre-boil your pack of pasta in salted boiling water. When they are al dente, put them in a dish, then pour a drizzle of olive oil, sprinkle with two tablespoons of Parmesan, dose the Provencal herbs to your taste and finish with a good tablespoon of cream to make your pasta even more delicious. Put everything in your Airfryer (fryer without oil) and let it brown quietly. Serve your Pasta Chips in beautiful ramekins, and accompany them with a little aioli or a feta cream.

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Advice: Don’t have an Airfryer? No problem, a solution is offered to you: prepare your Pasta Chips directly in the oven. They will all be equally tasty.

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