Pasta, salads, barbecue: selection of perfect cookbooks for summer!

Pasta, pasta, pasta, Simone Zanoni, Michel Lafon

Pasta lovers, this cookbook is for you!

Chef Simone Zanoni proposes no less than 70 pasta recipes, from the simplest recipes for every day to the more elaborate ones when you receive friends or family.

After a focus on the history of pasta, the tools and essential ingredients, roll up your sleeves and start making fresh pasta.

Quantities, cooking, which pasta to which sauce, mistakes not to make, the chef tells you everything!


We liked:

– the variety of recipes with lots of different pasta shapes and dishes with vegetables, fish, meat according to your wishes and tastes

– the quality of the full-page images, which are very appetizing

– the chef’s little twists that change everything!

Pasta-pasta-pasta-Simone-Zanoni-Marmiton (2)

Pasta-pasta-pasta-Simone-Zanoni-Marmiton (1)

We really want to try:

-spaghetti carbonara with only 5 ingredients (no, we don’t add fresh cream!)

– maccheroni and polpette della nonna

– bird tongues bacon mushrooms

– pennette gorgonzola and walnuts

Pasta, pasta, pasta, Simone Zanoni, Michel Lafon

plancha and grill and or salads, Michel Lafon


In collaboration with the cooking site Marmiton, Michel Lafon publishes two recipe books perfect for the summer that is about to begin.

Tell me about salads offers you 60 salad recipes full of freshness.

As a starter, as a main course for pasta and potato salads or for those with grains and legumes, there is something for every taste.


Want more originality? Dig into the world’s salads such as the fattouche salad, the authentic Lebanese tabbouleh, the bo bun or the méchouïa. Unless you let yourself be tempted by one of the sweet and salty salads.

Plancha or grill in the same collection suggests 60 recipes around the grill with ideas around meat, fish, vegetables and even some desserts.

The book also provides ideas for original sauces and marinades, tips and tricks for using your plancha properly.

Summer might not last long enough!


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