Paul Gasnier tells what happened after the explosion under his duplex

Daily/Twitter Seconds before a duplex, a Russian missile fell a few “ten meters” from a team of reporters from the Daily.


Seconds before a duplex, a Russian missile fell a few “ten meters” from a team of reporters from the Daily.

UKRAINE – A dizzying explosion, a scramble for safety, confusion. The day after his duplex in Donbass, Ukraine, disturbed by the explosion of a missile, the journalist came from Daily Paul Gasnier returned to this traumatic experience on Tuesday, January 3.

Special correspondent for the show in Ukraine, the reporter was manned by the explosion of a Russian missile not far from him, on Monday evening, January 2, as he prepared to go live for the premiere in 2023. On air, Daily had broadcast the particularly impressive images of the impact, taken a few minutes earlier.

During the broadcast this Tuesday evening, Paul Gasnier explains that when the blast of the explosion hit them in Kramatorsk, the cameraman dropped the camera, which continued to rotate, recording everything that happened.

“Part of the hotel wall collapsed behind the team”

When Yann Barthès asks his reporter if he and his team are safe, he replies that ” by definition, when you are in Ukraine, you are not safe anywhere “. However, he explains that the team preferred to flee Donbass to return to Kiev for more security, while they had originally planned to stay longer. ” We were very scared last night “, he confides, adding that they still have four hours to drive to reach the capital.

Yann Barthès then invited him to tell what happened during the explosion. Paul Gasnier explains that they were in the parking lot of their hotel, “ alone outside and that he was about to die when he felt a loud explosion behind him. He was then thrown forward. ” Everything shook around us, part of the hotel wall collapsed behind the team, all the windows of the hotel were broken “, he tells.

The journalist then explains that he sought refuge in the hotel with the cameraman Héloïse, the soundman Théo and the Ukrainian translator Ivan. This before he changed his mind and drove to a shelter on the other side of town, lest another missile land in that area.

I’m so glad we’re alive »

The reporter also reveals the images filmed by the camera, which was still running. The team can be seen seeking shelter, leaving their belongings at the hotel and speeding away in the car. ” I’m so glad we’re alive, said the Ukrainian fixer. Damn what a shock! »

Following journalists who were also fleeing the area, they ended up arriving in front of the annex of a church whose basement serves as a place of refuge. Held by Daily then found himself with other journalists, including a Frenchman from FigaroGerman aid workers and Ukrainian priests.

Paul Gasnier explains that at one point one of the priests suggested that everyone hold hands in prayer as the shelling continued. ” The explosion you saw was only the first of a long series that lasted all evening until midnight, one o’clock in the morning. », explains the journalist, who confides that he has been « terrified by this experience. He concludes sourly: We came precisely to understand how Ukrainians lived in this war, and believe me, it’s scary “.

The video has gone viral in Ukraine, but also in Russia, reports say Daily. Many conspiratorial accounts believe the video is fake, while other accounts relaying Russian propaganda on Telegram are happy about the attack (see tweet above).

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