Paul Mirabel: his show at the Olympia disrupted, the comedian gets annoyed

On Wednesday 28 December 2022, the comedian Paul Mirabel played his show in the mythical hall at the Olympia in Paris. Present at the scene, a reporter from the website narrated the incidents that took place during the performance.

Emblematic performance hall in the French capital, Olympia is a must for all artists, regardless of whether they are singers or actors. On Wednesday, December 28, 2022, comedian Paul Mirabel had the honor of performing his show on the Olympia stage. However, Not everything went as planned for the actor. In fact, the end of his one-man show was disrupted by some fans present in the room, as reported by the journalist of the site, Florian Guadalupe, Thursday, December 29, 2022 on Twitter. “Yesterday I went with my sister to see Paul Mirabel’s show at the Olympia. His show is top notch. Like his first 3 (!) parts. But I discovered a new kind of people during this show. A species that has mutated mainly thanks to social networks” he wrote to begin.

These are the new disruptors, who are often hardcore fans“, emphasized the journalist who was present in the room at the time of the incidents.”You had people who couldn’t help but crack the joke before Paul said it. It went so far that during one of his sketches, which was supposed to be a baseline and a running gag, a woman loudly shouted the joke. And there you have a white man in the room, Paul who is a little annoyed because he knows his joke. Will necessarily be less fun because the fall has been balanced. And I have had that many times in the folk show, and it has fallen swingingly“, Florian Guadalupe explained before continuing.

Paul Mirabel: big embarrassing moment after the intervention of a spectator at the end of the show

Then you have the kind of hardcore fan who only laughs when he sees Paul. He’s there, he laughs and clears his throat. But man, give the artist time to be an artist. Then he laughs so hard that you can’t hear Paul’s joke at all. And Paul realized this phenomenon because eventually he wants to organize a small interaction with the public. And people don’t get it. And they laugh at… Nothing. Paul says so himself “but what’s fun?”. And finally absolute discomfort at the end of the show. Paul is performing a final skit. And you got a girl, stand up and scream ‘make us the sketch of the Marrakech of Laughter’. Paul humorously replies that he is not a jukebox. But a very long and embarrassing discussion ensued, for everyone. Paul doesn’t know what to do. Keep your cool, but make her understand that she can’t do what she wants“, told the journalist, who, however, stated that he had passed”a very pleasant evening” Anyway.

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